What are the Best Promotional Items to Give Away During Conventions?

Indianapolis may be famous for the Indy 500 race, but The Circle City can add another claim to its fame—according to a poll conducted by USA Today, it’s also the best place to hold conventions in:

Convenient City

“Local tourism officials long have touted Indianapolis as a top convention destination.

On Wednesday, a USA TODAY Reader’s Choice digital poll at 10best.com that’s been circulating on Facebook and other social media outlets confirmed that status, naming Indianapolis the Best Convention City in the country.

After four weeks of voting, convention-goers and exhibitors selected Indianapolis as tops from among 20 nominees, according to the website. Boston took second place and Nashville, Tenn., third.

The results, posted online, rate the Indiana Convention Center high for its closeness to hotels and restaurants, going on to say: “If you’re a football fan, it’s pretty thrilling to be across the street from Andrew Luck and the Colts come fall.” It also cited the city’s affordability and ease of getting around.”

Holding conventions and conferences offers many benefits both to organizers and attendees alike. For one, these events are one of the rare occasions in which industry companies gather to share their knowledge and insight on important issues. Mali Furthermore, conferences offer a great way to network with colleagues, scope out the competition, and most of all, promote your own business or products.

Of course, your marketing efforts don’t end when you finish your presentation or when you set up your booth. Why not boost your exposure by giving promotional items away too? Metro Printed Products, an Indiana printing expert, acknowledge that the following items are your best bets when it comes to giveaways:

Tote Bags
Convention attendees are going to collect a lot of loot, so give them company-branded tote bags where they can put away the goodies. What’s great about these bags is that they can be used even after the convention (such as when they’re grocery shopping), so your company can get repeated exposure.

Free shirts create a win-win situation—people get something new to wear, and you gain a walking billboard in exchange.

US Drives
Can you remember the time when floppy disks were the only storage devices available? Thankfully, USB flash disks offer a quick and portable way to store files, and their relatively low price make them one of the more practical gifts you can give to the attendees.

The important thing to remember is to make your marketing promotional items useful instead of just profile raising. After all, the quality of your giveaways is a direct reflection of your products or services.

(Source: Who’s top convention city? Indianapolis, poll says, IndyStar.com, March 12, 2014)