Want to Give Away Custom Embroidered Shirts? Mistakes You Must Avoid

When it comes to choosing promotional products, a business owner has to make sure that he picks out items that can be useful for his customers and relevant to his business at the same time. If you want to go higher than the price range and utility of pens, fridge magnets, and other little trinkets, you can’t go wrong with quality custom embroidered shirts as promotional items.

Promotional Marketing

However, before you call on trusted companies like Metro Printed Products to order customized company polo shirts, whether for your employees or clients, here are some mistakes as shared in a MarketingProfs.com article by Steve Benidt that you must avoid at all costs.

Mistake # 1: Sacrificing Quality to Save a Few Bucks

According to the MarketingProfs.com article: “Remember, promotional products are your ambassadors to the world. The items you hand out at a tradeshow or in person to your best customers will become their lasting impression of your business. You will not be remembered fondly if the product falls apart or the pens you’ve given out stop writing after two days […].”

Therefore, see to it that you only give out high-quality shirts that won’t shrink, fade, or get torn after just a few washes.

Mistake # 2: Sending the Wrong Message

Always think about the information that will be displayed on the shirt. For example, if you aspire to drive more traffic to your website, it would be a good idea to have your business’ web address printed on the material rather than your business address or phone number.

Mistake # 3: Not Working with a Reputable Company

Given the high demand for promotional products, it won’t be surprising if an online search for a service provider will present you with dozens of options. Take time to consider a company’s track record and opt for one that comes highly recommended by former clients.

(Article Information and Image from Eight Common Mistakes of Promotional Marketing, MarketingProfs)