The Promotional Potentials of Customized Company Polo Shirts and Tees

These days, companies are showing as though they’ve never been prouder to “fly their colors” and represent themselves publicly. They shell out big sums for promotional events and publicity—posters, flyers, newsletters. Even company employees are tapped, provided with simple-yet-fashionable custom embroidered shirts, which range from collared to collarless variations that bear the company’s trademark on the main design.


Finance expert and company CEO, Adam Nash, pointed out that custom shirts provide the wearer a sense of stature or belongingness to a group. It’s all about empowerment, he emphasized in his personal blog. If a company is especially recognized as a leader in the industry, employees who wear the colors and the brand of the company outside ought to feel entitled to the prestige attached to the company.

He also noted that in most situations, free shirts are more effective than cash giveaway because people do not often value money rationally. For example, a guy can bring a $20 bottle of wine to the home of his girlfriend’s parents, and be regarded a gentleman for it than if he had handed them a $20 bill instead. The same idea goes for companies. In some situations, it’s more appropriate to hand out company-exclusive freebies to employees as a means to raise their morale than offer monetary boosters at every turn.

Promotional items and clothing like custom-made company polo shirts promote a company’s public image in the drive to make its brand instantly recognizable. Promotional events do wonders for certain companies and groups, such as sporting goods stores and sports teams that make quite a big deal out of printed jerseys, banners, and tokens to promote their brand. As Nash observed, company-exclusive custom made shirts and giveaways can increase an employee’s morale by encouraging that sense of personal pride in the company he or she works for.

The design for a company’s custom-made shirts entails careful and deliberate thought. Consider the image you want to project. If you’re looking to project fun and sociability, go with graffiti-like designs or quirky letterings. On the other hand, simple logos and bold accents in sedate colors are ideal for a corporate look. Consider the frequency of using the clothing– an elaborate design isn’t ideal for daily use as it requires frequent washing; go for the simpler design in this case, if the objective permits it.

A versatile company uses every resource available to it to extend its reach beyond its target market to the wider and greater public. It pays close attention to the details, from monthly cost-benefit analysis reports to the design of its promotional clothing and giveaways, with an eye always toward positive branding and image-making.

(Source: Why T-Shirts Matter, Adam Nash, November 29, 2010)