Screen Printed vs. Custom Embroidered Shirts for Business Promotion

For business owners racking their brains to figure out cost-effective ways to promote their business, having custom T-shirts can be a good idea. business writer Nancy Wagner explains the benefits of customized shirts in business promotion:

“If you sell more than one product or service, you can even create different t-shirts, with each featuring a specific product or service to encourage prospects to seek more information. The key to successfully using t-shirts for promoting your business is encouraging people to wear them as much as possible so you get as many people to see your company name as possible.”

The crucial question though is how to encourage people to wear the custom shirts. While most people welcome the chance to receive free apparel, factors like fabric choice, color choice, and design definitely affect people’s decision to wear the shirts or not. The shirt design can either be a slogan, a logo, or a piece of artwork created by one of the business employees.

Screen Printed vs. Custom Embroidered Shirts for Business Promotion

Typically, there are two methods used by trusted custom printing companies like Metro Printed Products to incorporate designs on t-shirts: screen print and embroidery. Screen print is when ink is pushed through the surface of the fabric while embroidery is when thread is stitched onto the fabric’s surface by hand or by machine. Each method has its own set of advantages. However, there are some situations where great custom embroidered shirts make better choices than screen printed shirts.

For instance, if business owners want their employees to project a professional image while donning the outfit, opting for cost-effective custom embroidered polo shirts is the way to go. A professional look is especially important for those businesses belonging to industries that provide financial services like home mortgages, auto insurance, and others.

Embroidery is also ideal for those business owners who wish to stick to a simple company logo as their shirt design instead of fancy artwork. Embroidery allows a business logo to be presented in a classy way. In addition, since the thread adds dimension, the logo design tends to pop and become extremely noticeable.

Budget-conscious business owners need not spend on costly advertisement methods like TV or radio spots to promote their products or services. These entrepreneurs can simply have custom shirts made that display their business logo, slogan, and others. However, business owners do have to carefully choose how to put their preferred designs on the shirts, whether through embroidery or screen print.

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