On Choosing the Right Promotional Items and Marketing Your Brand Name

Most popular promotional items today are effective in getting your brand’s name out there, but they are just one cog in the great big marketing wheel. To experience advertising success, it’s important to consider other factors as well. Keith Lehmann of Zumetrics reveals two secrets to a successful promo:

“What makes up an effective and efficient promotion all comes down to timing and coordination. By planning far enough in advance, coordinating with your partners, and using an automated market intelligence tool to help you research your competition, you can be prepared to meet and beat your competition on any promotion.”

Promotional campaigns generally have three desired outcomes: 1) your message reaches your target audience; 2) your message is understood by your audience; and 3) your message compels your audience to take action. So how do you achieve these outcomes with your campaign? Here are two considerations to get your campaign up and running right off the bat:

On Choosing the Right Promotional Items and Marketing Your Brand Name

Evaluate promotional opportunities

Assess and understand the needs of your target market. Who are the people for whom you intend your message to reach? Are they your current users, the decision makers, other influential people, organizations, or the general public?

Identify the promotional items you will use

During the planning stage, you need to have defined markets, environments, and products. This information will help you decide which promotional items will be most beneficial.

The promotional products that you can use are numerous. Bags, calendars, caps, key tags, mugs—the possibilities seem endless. You need to whittle down your choices to the most effective ones, and that’s why planning is necessary. Effective planning will ensure that your marketing money doesn’t go down the drain.

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(Source: TIPS: HOW TO CREATE EFFECTIVE PROMOTIONS, Zumetrics, Sep. 5, 2013)