Made for Your Market: Reasons Why Quality Promotional Items are King!

Just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also several ways to promote your business. However, if you’ve already dived into the depths of internet marketing and distributed hundreds of flyers, but still want to ensure that your brand remains strong in the market, you ought to add quality promotional items on your list of strategies.

Promotional Products

An article from dated March 15, 2013 reports that:

“According to the latest survey Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) conducted – promotional product is king! The average yield of promotional products was $0.005 per impression with bags and writing instruments as little as $0.001 per impression. […]

Let’s have a look at some numbers which ASI discovered in their survey:

  • Promotional products have the lowest CPI – $0.005 compared to all traditional media advertising
  • 83% of businesspeople say that they can identify the advertiser on a promotional item they own
  • 41% of businesspeople in the US say their impression of an advertiser is more favorable after receiving a promotional item or gift from them
  • The branded bag gets the most impressions of any promotional product – 1,078 impressions per month, followed by caps (443), writing instruments (437) and shirts (344).
  • People tend to keep promotional products they receive for 5.4 months – and the longer a gift is kept, the more impressions it gets.”

Needless to say, memorable and unique marketing promotional items from companies like Metro Printed Products are cost-effective means to get your name out there. Then again, what makes a promotional product unforgettable and distinctive?

Whatever your business is, see to it that you choose promotional items that are durable, useful, trendy, and relevant. Bear in mind that a marketing product reflects your company, so you have to send the right message and make the best impression possible.

(Article Information and Image from Use Promotional Products to Reinforce Your Brand Practically For Free, BrightIdeasForBiz)