Memorable Promotional Items Can Help Put a Business in the Spotlight

A progressive business should always be one step ahead, anticipating its customers’ needs. And when it is able to do just that, it makes sure that it gets noticed. Promotional strategies and advertising are time-tested methods for companies to reach their target market; an example is the traditional use of media, such as radio and television, which can be exorbitant. However, there are more economical ways to get the attention of your target market. Read more »

The Promotional Potentials of Customized Company Polo Shirts and Tees

These days, companies are showing as though they’ve never been prouder to “fly their colors” and represent themselves publicly. They shell out big sums for promotional events and publicity—posters, flyers, newsletters. Even company employees are tapped, provided with simple-yet-fashionable custom embroidered shirts, which range from collared to collarless variations that bear the company’s trademark on the main design.
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Promotional Custom Embroidered Shirts Can Add Value to Your Business

“This year marks the 100th birthday of the T-shirt. Maybe.

It’s clear the simple little garment has been around for many, many years and rose in popularity just as fashion was losing some of its starch. But no one knows exactly when the T-shirt as we know it was born.

What we do know is that in 1913, the U.S. Navy brought tees into public consciousness in a big way when it ordered a “light undershirt” for sailors to wear under uniforms.” Read more »

Want to Give Away Custom Embroidered Shirts? Mistakes You Must Avoid

When it comes to choosing promotional products, a business owner has to make sure that he picks out items that can be useful for his customers and relevant to his business at the same time. If you want to go higher than the price range and utility of pens, fridge magnets, and other little trinkets, you can’t go wrong with quality custom embroidered shirts as promotional items.

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